Teacher’s Guide and Quiz Book for Book 1


The Teacher’s Guide and Quiz Book for Book One contains teaching tips, supplemental exercises, a pacing guide, and numerous quizzes that are coordinated to follow specific pages in the Book One workbook.

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The Teacher’s Guide and Quiz Book for Book One contains:

Teaching Tips
Instructional suggestions for each lesson taken from the author’s own classroom experiences.

Twenty -four quizzes to use in assessing student understanding or as supplemental worksheets.

A Final Exam
A comprehensive two-page exam that covers all nine units in Book One. Excellent when used as a final assessment prior to beginning Book Two.

Supplemental Materials
Five additional mixed-clef Note Identification Quizzes for extra note naming practice, a special Counting Exercise that deals extensively with ties; and a Supplemental Lesson which covers the playing of slurs.

A Pacing Guide
Helps teachers coordinate lesson presentation, homework assignments, quizzes, and book checks.