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NorthLand Music Publishers is pleased to provide the series, Fundamentals of Music Theory, to enhance the quality of your student’s music education. This unique style of learning ensures that students will become “thinking musicians” who understand what they play or sing as well as how to perform it .

We are pleased to offer you Time And The Winds by Frederick Fennell. This work provides a history of the wind band ensemble including the development of wind instruments and their use. It is considered a classic and a must read for all serious musicians.

Fundamentals of Music Theory Series – the most innovative, adaptable, and easy to use music instruction workbook series available on the market today. The series was designed to teach the basics of music theory within the context of the traditional class while consuming minimal rehearsal time. Each lesson, exercise and quiz builds on the previous lesson.  The series is designed to be easy to understand and use. Lessons are carefully written and are followed by an abundance of exercises. The series consist of three workbooks utilized from middle school to university. Directors have concluded that teaching music theory is an essential part of a successful curriculum.  

Time and The Winds – Frederick Fennell. Out of print for decades, this concise book is a must-read for directors, music educators, and members of instrumental ensembles and should be a reference on your bookshelf.